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    Welcome on my blog.

    This space is the english version of my original blog in my native language, French. The work is still in progress and there are various posts I'm doing my best to translate quickly. Feel free to correct my mistakes.


    → If you go to the Posts section, you will find the train of my thoughts, through the works of art or exhibitons I discover and comment freely.

    → In the Memoir part of the blog, let me introduce you to the inspirations which make me progress in the redaction of my memoir of Master's degree in Museology.

    Anyway, here : 

    "The text does not comment on images. Images do not illustrate the text : each one has been the beginning of a kind of a visual flawing, maybe similar to this lack of meaning that the Zen calls a satori; text and images, in their interlace, want to ensure circulation, exchange between these signifiers : body, face, writing, and reading the withdrawal of signs."

    Roland Barthes, Empire of signs