• A (rainy) day, one book

    Writing on photography is writing about the world. And these essays are in fact a long meditation about nature and our modernity.

    Susan Sontag, Paris, November 1982

    As it is cold and damp outside today, I'm staying home, keeping warm drinking a Christmas tea with a spoonful of honey, in order to achieve my reading of On Photography by Susan Sontag which I took at the library.

    Susan Sontag, Sur la photographieSometimes, you meet a book where everything you always thought or wanted to write is here, better than you would have done. This situation makes you see things with much keeness, as if the strenght of these words is giving you the power to watch differently.

    You will find a cavern told by Plato and upgraded to photography by Susan Sontag, which opens the first pages of the book. This cavern is the unifying thread of the different essays which compose On Photography. Depending on the reader, it reinforces, surprises, transforms or spices his conception of the world, and therefore his idea of photography.

    On the french cover, there is the oldest camera Nicephore Niepce used between 1822 and 1826. It doesn't look alike its grand-sons we are using today in order to lock the world up in our drawers or in our computers, sometimes in our mind.

    « Yesterday, today, tomorrow, whatever.Cheers ! »

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