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    Where you have to open a bottle of red wine (Morgon would be the better, but if you don't find this particular one, just enjoy yourself with another one !)

    Marc Chagall, Double portrait au verre de vin (détail)


    I'm not used to present a picture to illustrate something I want to say, it's more often the contrary and the text serves me as an illustration for a work. But as life is not logical, I won't be too, just this once won't hurt. Last week, I was drunking a perfect Morgon (a french red wine from Beaujolais) and when saw the red liquid into my glass (the first one, after the others I was not able to think really clearly about art), a painting came to my mind.

    I was visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris, an exhaustive day despite the fact that I gased up with a delicious sandwich. It was an occasion for me to accumulate a lot of ideas about works of art to illustrate with my words. And there is precisely one I saw once, Double portrait au verre de vin, Marc Chagall, 1917-1918then twice and decided to write down its reference. I was right, because that night I wasn't capable of remember it exactly.

    Marc Chagall is one of the first painter I've studied the work. I was in junior high school, and every wednesday morning, I was part of a visual art group in charge of making the set piece of the annual school's play. We copied many works of the russian artist and I must confess that, if my younger eyes were thrilled by it, I don't know what they would think now. Anyway, I had to research a lot about his work, and that was the first time I acted this way with an artist.

    All this leads us to the Double portrait au verre de vin (Double portrait with a glass of wine) of 1917-1918, which you can see in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern Art. And when I look at the reproduction (which you can enlarge by clicking on it), I just can think about one thing, or rather one sound : haha ! Yes, I'm laughing. Aren't you ?

    But they are ! They are newly weds, in a city parisian and russian in the same time. They are flying above a river and a church, in a golden sky full of light. Bella's face is mischevious, when Marc's is laughing. She wears a fan, and you can imagine it very refreshing after many glasses of wine. Do you feel the fresh air moving her short hair ? He raises his glass to them. Her tights are purple, as the wine when it stains a fabric. His jacket is red as the wine when the light makes it glow through a glass. And what about the angel flying above them ? He's purple too, sacred colour for the Christians and colour of Bella's tights in the same time. Did he swallow some of the red wine in Marc's glass ? And Bella has just a glove left, where is its twin ?And why is Marc hiding Bella's left eye ?                                                  ©adagp, 2010              

    Haha, who cares ? Let's party with them !

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