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    In order to facilitate the writing of my master's degree memoir in Museology about the museography of photography (rather about the relevance of the will to show photography in a special way as it would be an art different than the others), I will post in this section litterary or artistic sources that get ahead my work daily.

    You are free to suggest to me related issues, artists or works that could be a good example, or any other elements I didn't foreseen.

    Or not.

  • Writing on photography is writing about the world. And these essays are in fact a long meditation about nature and our modernity.

    Susan Sontag, Paris, November 1982


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  • "By including all the diversity and defects usually erased of bodies by digital transformations, my goal is to prompt a visceral answer from the viewer, involving himself phisically and intellectually."

    Antony Crossfield


    Antony Crossfield, Screen, 2009

                                              ©Antony Crossfield
                                                     Screen, 2009
                                                     Foreign bodies
                                                     All rights reserved


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