• The Timeless Theatre by Cristobal Balenciaga

    Where the time stops

    exhibition catalog

    exhibition catalogue


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    From April the 13th to October the 7th, you can admire the perfect knowledge in the history of costume by one of the masters who made fashion during the XXth century, at the Docks, Cité de la mode et du design in Paris. Cristobal Balenciaga collectionneur de modes introduces you to a mix of archives, costumes of different origins and unique creations of the Balenciaga house, on the occasion of the Musée Galliéra hors les murs.

    view of the exhibition

    source madame.lefigaro.fr

    All the items are presented as they were secretly kept in the hidden storerooms of the museum, giving them back the uncluttered style Cristobal Balenciaga blessed them with. One part of the room is dedicated to black while the rest of it is surrounded by colours, flowers and sequins. The exhibition becomes a dialog between positive and negative, past and present, topical and timeless and the spectator is rocked by a range of heartwarming greys.

    This is because everything is mixed up here, all your landmarks are shuffled like white meeting black. But all of this is for a reborn, without confusion, without any feeling og being lost. History is the through line leading you clothe after clothe, fabric after fabric, accesorize after accessorize, in a constant tension.

    Even the reflections look mysterious thanks to the brushed aluminium that makes them etheral, vaporous, as if they were diluted in History time. As Cristobal Balenciaga has married perfectly lines, colour and patterns, we don't know exactly how to date at what, who inspired who, nor where does these treasures are coming from.

    blue dress and its reflection

    source madame.lefigaro.fr

    Time is fading away, the XIXth century Paris meets the traditional spanish costume, Church participates in fashion and women are allowed to wear toreros jacket. Balenciaga even takes up floral patterns from the XVIIIth century in his gorgeous jewels made of cabochons and transforms mourning clothes into shining piece of parisian nights of the 50's.


    view of the exhibition

    source la-mode-a-petit-prix.blogspot.fr

    Cristobal Balenciaga has closed his fashion house in 1968 because he didn't recognize himself anymore in these times but looking at those creations remember us the fragility and the fleetingly ot an era in a striking contrast. Through realisations where timeless is nourrishing itself from the past to look up to the future, he reminds us that present is never palpable. There is no point running after time, always it vanishes, always he runs away.

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