• Valhalla rising / The sound of silence

    Where hypnotized rhymes with engulfed.


    Valhala Rising by Nicolas Winding Refn (capture)

    © Wild Side


    It's difficult to say that you've seen Valhalla Rising by Nicolas Winding Refn. You better say you had a vision of it, that you've watched the movie unfold by itself, because the strength of the pictures is coming out of the screen (even if it's tiny as mine is), leaving its mark on your retina.

    Valhala Rising by Nicolas Winding Refn

    It could be a story of Vikings lost in grand landscape as you only see in your dreams. It could be the journey of a man called One-Eye, dumb, a bloody warrior with no emotion, freeing himself from slavery and drtifting days after days on a boat of Chritians pilgrims thinking they are joining the Holy Land. It could be the moment where they all go mad in this mysterious and frightening land they can't name.

    It could be the journey of a man, beast at the beginning and going through all the steps of humanity to the death. Every man of this journey could be the incarnation of something, from this kid who could be the symbol of hope and future to that man, chief of the pilgrims went blind by his crazy faith.

    But it's more like a dream, where you always know where you are but you don't recongnize anything around you. Where everything seems familiar but scary and cold in the same time. Where everything you know must be replaced by doubts. Where you can not trust even yourself, but just being there. You're not a spectator anymore, you are part of the landscape, part of the wind, part of grass and water.

    So time doesn't matter, you are included in it, and you can't be bored because you eye is constantly attracted by the gorgeous colors of the light.

    Valhala Rising by Nicolas Winding Refn (capture)

    © Wild Side

    As the light is a full character, every moment of this journey is marked by a range of colours : as grey is chosen when One-Eye is a slave, gold is for the crossing of the ocean, and green and blue for the brand new land they reached.

    As the rythm of the movie is slow, without music, one scene excepted, you can imagine it's a long river you have to go down without any choice, on a boat you can't steer, so you can discover a new land, where the unknown Valhalla is rising up.




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