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    Marie-Antoinette the movie, by Sofia Coppola





    Marie-Antoinette the movie, by Sofia Coppola



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    With this movie, Sofia Coppola doesn't recount Marie-Antoinette's youth, she's showing us youth in general, its enthusiasm, its excitements, laughs and sorrows.

    Who are these people who are dancing breathless, wearing costumes of the XVIIIth century with a rock'n'roll soundtrack which makes them closer to who we are today ? We can imagine their skin brushed by a breath of freedom, as well as it still brushes our cheeks. They could be us, we could be them.

    Is it a movie about Marie-Antoinette ? I'm not sure. Is it a movie about teenage girls ? I think so. Because, after all, it doesn't matters that the whole story happened for real so many years ago, as much as it doesn't matters that these girls are called Marie-Antoinette, duchess de Polignac or princess de Lamballe. They were some girls, that's all.


    If you want to listen to the original soundtrack of the movie, go there.(if the whole soundtrack is not available, try there)

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